>Wine Tasting for Families


Wine tasting for families–really?
Today, we visited the Poplar Grove Winery where Gita makes fabulous cheese by hand. Coming here to taste the cheese is a great activity for adults and for children. We loved meeting Gita’s almost 2 year old son and meeting their baby chicks. This may not be the way everyone will experience the wine and cheese, but the large yard where children can run free and throw a stick for the dog and the stunning vistas, as well as the delicious cheese (try the tiger blue) and wine makes a visit so worthwhile.
For other families driving through the valley, the Elephant Island winery is a must. Their fruit orchard produces unique varietals that are most certainly not just for dessert. They are delicious, varied and taste crisp and clean. I fell in love with their pink champagne. It’s amazing!! We could barely get the children to leave as they sat relaxing with barbies while we relaxed with a final taste of the crab apple wine.

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