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  • My Top Five Trips of 2011

    This year I was lucky enough to travel around the world. From girlfriend getaways in Peru to family-friendly cruising in Alaska, this year was by far a travel dream come true. As one would imagine, working for a travel magazine, I have a lot of “dream” vacations on my bucket list. This year, I was […]

  • A New Obsession — The Titilaka Lodge

    It’s not mentioned in the article, but if you would like to read about the gorgeous boutique lodge that sparked my pom pom obsession, you can read my article in TravelAge West about the Titlaka Lodge on Lake Titicaca in Peru. Exploring the Peruvian highlands, would not be complete without a visit to Lake Titicaca, […]

  • Cruise Tips for Toddlers

    When my daughter, Ava, was 9 months old, I took her on her first cruise. She had just started to walk and was barely talking. Of course, as a new mom and as new parents, we didn’t know what to expect onboard, so we packed eveything we possibly could. After, several subsquent cruises our toddler, […]

  • Traveling in Western Canada

    One of the highlights of my summer was our family vacation to Western Canada, particularly the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. While the valley is known for wine tasting, it’s also a fantastic family destination. There’s opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking and, of course wine tasting — even with family! Recently, I documented some of […]

  • Destination Weddings: A Family Affair

    Destination weddings are often overlooked as family travel. However, what is more “family” than a wedding. You’ve got mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, in-laws and more. For more about how weddings are all about family and for tips on planning a wedding away, read my article destination weddings.