New Year’s (Travel) Resolutions

Happy New Year 2014 // (c) coquetboy

Happy New Year 2014 // (c) coquetboy
Happy New Year 2014 // (c) coquetboy

There are many things that I want to accomplish in the New Year. Of course, I’m going in with a positive attitude that 2014 is going to be the best year ever. And, while my resolutions span everything from lifestyle changes to raising brighter, happier children, many of them focus on travel. So, I won’t bore you with every one of my resolutions, but I will share the below, which should tell you something about where my focus will be in the coming year.

2014 New Year’s (Travel) Resolutions 

1. Rediscover my French language skills — so if anyone wants to get me a Rosetta Stone for my birthday (just kidding).
2. Spend one month somewhere exotic — I have realized over the past year that I have not lived abroad long enough. While one month is clearly not living — more like extended visiting — I want to take my girls and live somewhere else for one month and become part of another culture, experiencing it (almost) like a local.
3. Take a photography class — I am always disappointed in my photos and I am promising myself that this New Year is the year of the photo — even if it’s the iPhone photo.
4. Go on an adventure that challenges my comfort zone — this year, I rappeled from a cliff into the ocean and had a near-death experience on a Class III (it was really a IV, I swear) rapid. I am going to top that in 2014 and I’m taking any and all suggestions on how…just don’t kill me.
5. Have a positive impactVoluntourism is only growing in popularity and awareness, and I am determined to make a difference in the world and there’s no better time to start.
6. Try to cut back on my Nespresso addiction — Developed years ago on a Uniworld River Cruise, I have found myself obsessively researching hotels, river cruise ships, cruise ships, resorts that have Nespresso machines — the (espresso) buck stops here — in my home — hopefully. I will no longer judge in-room coffee.

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