Five Inspiring Adventures for the New Year

Adventure travel treks: The Great Himalaya Trail // (c) 2013

Adventure travel treks: The Great Himalaya Trail // (c) 2013
Adventure travel treks: The Great Himalaya Trail // (c) 2013

These are definitely not adventures for families, but it is that time of year when people consider their “best of” lists, dream destinations, bucket lists and what have you, and I though that this was a pretty awesome list of over-the-top  treks. At the very least, it can provide some inspiration for next year’s travels. These specific trips are provided by World Expeditions.

The Great Himalaya Trail: The Full Nepal Traverse
Be amongst the few who have trekked the Nepal Great Himalaya Trail in one continuous 152-day trek! Along this 1700km trail you’ll encounter some of the wildest and most remote mountain environments imaginable. We’ve also crafted seven treks that interlink to make up the full traverse.
Departs: 01 March – 30 July 2014 (152 days)

Great Patagonian Traverse – North to South
Mostly on foot and at times by boat, be among the first to discover the rarely used pass between the shores of Lago O’ Higgins (Chile) and Laguna del Desierto (Argentina).
Departs: 4 February, 29 November 2014 (15 days)

Bhutan Snowman Trek
One of the world’s most challenging treks is undertaken by only a handful of trekkers each season. It accesses the remote region of Lunana, where tiny Buddhist monasteries and secluded villages remain isolated many months of the year.
Departs: 15 September 2014 (27 days)

Dominica – Trek the Waitukubuli Trail
The Waitukubuli National Trail in Dominica is the longest walking trail in the Caribbean crossing the entire island. Along the way, hikers encounter a varied canvas of contrasting landscapes.
Departs: 2 February, 9 March, 20 April, 5 October, 16 November 2014 (12 days)

John Muir Trail
Celebrate the centennial anniversary of the John Muir Trust hiking the Sierra Nevada trail, covering some of the most pristine and dramatic backcountry in North America.
Departs: 10 July, 31 July, 4 September 2014 (21 days)


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