Moms Are the Focus of New Global Family Travels Tour to India

A special trip to India for moms via Global Family Travels // (c) Ken Wieland

A special trip to India for moms via Global Family Travels // (c) Ken Wieland
A special trip to India for moms via Global Family Travels // (c) Ken Wieland

It’s all about moms for Global Family Travels’ newest tour, Mystical Mamas — and Dad’s, you may want to pay attention as this could be an amazing way to reward your hardworking wife this holiday season. The female-focused tour  travels to India where moms can safely explore the spiritual side of this insightful country. Through a combination of group discussions, experiential travels, meditation and yoga, female guests will explore the rich cultural heritage of India.

The 14-day tours, which begin in June 2014, take in many of India’s most significant cultural sights, including Lotus Temple in Delhi, Bodh Gaya, Varanasi, and the stunning Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh. Guests will have the opportunity to attend the renowned Kalachakra Initiation and to see His Holiness himself, the Dalai Lama.

Further enriching the spirit, guests volunteer at an orphanage in the village of Saboo, in Northern India’s Ladakh region. Participants will immerse themselves into the children’s daily life, by assisting with facility upkeep, organizing programs, and sharing life experiences with the 25 children who live and go to school there.

In my own experiences of India, I have never visited a more welcoming and vibrant country. It’s like stepping into another world. It’s easy to lose sight of yourself, but you come away with a whole new perspective on life. If you have never been to India, this seems like a wonderful way to have a hands-on experience with other likeminded women, bonding with both the culture, the spirit and the soul of the country.

For full details on the trip and the itinerary visit

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