Okanagan Valley Itinerary

Tickleberry's Ice Cream in the Okanagan Valley
Tickleberry's Ice Cream in the Okanagan Valley

For those headed to the Okanagan Valley, my family and I had the pleasure of visiting this summer, and I can definitely recommend this Eastern B.C. destination to families. With fun for all ages, from old-time train rides to homemade ice cream parlors, B.C.’s wine region is not just a playground for adults. Children will definitely find plenty to discover in the valley. If you have a budding foodie on your hands, Poplar Grove Cheese is the place to be. Curb your kids’ sweet teeth with a stop at Tickleberry’s Ice Cream and seek out adventure on the KVR railway.

For a full itinerary of what to do and where to be in the Okanagan Valley, check out my article at TravelAgeWest.com.

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