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  • Countdown to Coachella

    Countdown to Coachella

    Counting down the hours to Coachella. We are here in Palm Desert, enjoying the balmy weather and looking forward to the start of the festival.

  • Getting Excited for Coachella

    Getting Excited for Coachella

    Planning for Coachella, almost complete. Next step, get excited… Source: marlow35.blogspot.fr viaJaneen on Pinterest Source: Janeen on Pinterest Source: tumblr.com viaJaneen on Pinterest

  • Getting Ready for Coachella

    Getting Ready for Coachella

    Got tix to Coachella? Yes, I do! What a surprise. Now, I have just over 4 weeks to find a place to stay, get something to wear and find a babysitter….stay tuned to see if I make it to the show. Source: ariheinikainen.com viaJaneen on Pinterest