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  • Summer Family Getaways

    Summer Family Getaways

    I am so ready to ditch school. I am over packing lunch boxes, putting in pony tails and driving my kids to and fro. Do I sound like a bad mom? Maybe I am just a mom in desperate need of a vacation. If you are like me, then Barcelo Hotels & Resorts is looking […]

  • Five Family-Friendly Activities in La Paz

    Five Family-Friendly Activities in La Paz

    Pristine waters, unspoiled nature, white-sand beaches and striking natural wonders — that is what I love in a vacation and it can be found in our own backyard, La Paz. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the “aquarium of the world” and La Paz is its gateway. Located at the southern tip of the […]

  • Retreat of the Week: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

    Retreat of the Week: Iberostar Hotels & Resorts

    I’m already dreaming about lazy days by the pool. Even though we have barely had a winter here in Los Angeles, I am ready for the relaxing summer months. And wouldn’t Mexico and the Caribbean be the perfect place to start? Just in time for summer, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has a new offer that […]

  • Making Black Bean Tamales

    Making Black Bean Tamales

    One of my favorite activities on my recent trip to Veracruz, Mexico, was learning to make and wrap black bean tamales. Our experience, orchestrated by tour operator Yambigapan, started at a local farm where we picked the banana leaves that would wrap our tamales for cooking. After a light hike nearby, we headed to Yambigapan’s […]

  • Adventure Day Spa

    Adventure Day Spa

    In Veracruz, you don’t need to visit an expensive spa for a good massage or facial, you just need a boat, a waterfall and a little bit of mud. Don’t forget to visit the shaman at the spa for a peek into your future. http://www.yambigapan.com