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Loving Family Time in Boston

Is Boston Kid-friendly? My kids say “Yes!”

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Four Things for the Perfect Hotel Stay According to My 4-Year-Old

Hotels as told by Audrey. // (c) Janeen Christoff 2013
Hotels as told by Audrey. // (c) Janeen Christoff 2013

What makes a hotel perfect in the eyes of a child? Four things, according to my 4-year-old daughter. I asked her to enlighten me so that I could choose a hotel that would meet her high standards for our trip to Boston. Here is what she said:

1: A Jumpy Bed. She prefers her hotel bed to be springy and large – perfect for jumping on and flopping about. The Westin Heavenly Bed seems to be a winner in this respect.

2. Food Delivery. By this, she means room service and nowhere did my daughters’ eyes light up more than at the Four Seasons Vancouver where the macaroni and cheese was a highlight of the menu.

3. A Giant Pool. Since she is 4, I am giving her some leeway on this, since pretty much every pool is giant to her. For Boston in the fall, this will be a challenge, I think…maybe somewhere has an indoor pool?

4. A Bathtub. For the simple fact that she hates the quick shower and had to take one at the last hotel that we stayed at, she told me that hotels should all have bathtubs. I couldn’t agree more.