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Favorite Destination of the Day: Castle

Over the last year, Germany has become one of my favorite travel spots. Neuschwanstein Castle is somewhere I want to take my two daughters while they are still in their “princess phase.”

Source: via Janeen on Pinterest

Visiting the Aquarium of the Pacific


Today’s visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific was a success! Ava loved the boat at the outdoor playground, and Audrey’s favorite part was seeing the jellyfish. Everyone “found Nemo,” and had fun watching the sea lions.



A Visit To the Taj Mahal

My visit to the Taj Mahal this morning took my breath away. It’s truly stunning.



Uniworld River Cruise: Day Two

It’s a dark photo, but last time we had the privilege of dining with the captain of the ship. We had a beautiful dinner of butterfish and veal and a lot of fun chatting about the beautiful designs onboard Uniworld’s ships.