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TripAdvisor Unveils The Ultimate Travel Photo Wall

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TripAdvisor, one of the world’s largest travel sites, announced the launch of its Ultimate Travel Photo Wall, an eight-week campaign showcasing  a collection of inspiring TripAdvisor traveler photos that highlight the trip experiences of contributors across the globe.

From Oct. 22 through Dec. 17, visitors to TripAdvisor can vote for their favorite traveler photos and are also encouraged to share their personal travel experiences by uploading photos of their own. TripAdvisor has partnered with Turkish Airlines, recently designated by the Skytrax 2013 World Airline Awards as “Europe’s Best Airline,” to give away a pair of roundtrip tickets each week of the campaign to any destination Turkish Airlines serves. TripAdvisor visitors may vote daily for a new chance to win each week.

TripAdvisor has selected some of the most impressive images from the more than 14 million candid traveler photos uploaded to the site, and sorted them into eight unique categories reflecting popular photo themes. Once travelers vote on their favorite photos, they can share them with friends and followers on social channels.

To view the Ultimate Travel Photo Wall and vote, go to

A Fairytale in the Galapagos

From poison apple trees to an “Alice in Wonderland” mangrove forest, everywhere you turn is like stepping into a storybook. These islands make it into the pages of legendary books such as “Robinson Crusoe” but you would never guess that you would turn the corner to see a Galapagos Hawk eyeing you from the treetops like the Cheshire Cat or a Darwin finch hopping about as quick as the White Rabbit. The snow white beaches are certain to steal your heart, even if you have to be as small as a dwarf to crawl through the mangrove trees to reach them.

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Adventure in the Galapagos: Day 2

Words don’t do this place justice, least of all my words. So here’s another gallery of fascinating birds, mammals and aquatic creatures.

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Adventure Day Spa

In Veracruz, you don’t need to visit an expensive spa for a good massage or facial, you just need a boat, a waterfall and a little bit of mud.

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Don’t forget to visit the shaman at the spa for a peek into your future.

A Tour of the Central Coast

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