Category: Family Travel

  • >Beach Fest

    > This weekend we went to the Port Hueneme Beach Festival in Ventura. It was a lot of fun – and not just because it was free! Ava ate her first shave ice and Audrey had a great time hanging out in the grass. The festival happens every year, and is perfect for families.

  • >Never Too Young

    > After a recent trip to Mammoth Mountain in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., I returned to the office gushing about how much fun I had. It wasn’t my first time there, or even my second. In fact, I am up there so frequently that I think my coworkers were surprised I was so excited about my […]

  • >Five Fun Trips With the Family

    > From It’s funny, but I can’t remember a time in my life when travel wasn’t a big part of it. Ever since I was a kid, I feel like I have been packing a bag to go one place or another — be it on a business trip or for vacation or backpacking […]

  • >What Happens in Vegas

    >Lessons learned on Vegas trip number two – it’s not always the kids you have to watch out for, and sometimes two-year-olds can be embarassing. While watching out for my two daughters, I managed to misplace my phone, forget my camera in the hotel room and lose my favorite sweater. Not to mention the fact […]

  • >Mexico for the Whole Family

    > My daughter got to experience her first fam trip at 10 months old when we were invited, as a family, to experience Club Med Ixtapa Pacific. It wouldn’t be her first flight, or her first time out of the country, but the seven-day trip was going to be the longest period of time we’d […]