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On the Blog: African Safaris for Families

Recently, I wrote about some of the best African safaris for families for Marmalade Magazine in Orange County, Calif., and I wanted to share the information with you, my readers.

Abercrombie & Kent provide unique safaris for families. // (c) 2014 Abercrombie & Kent
Abercrombie & Kent provide unique safaris for families. // (c) 2014 Abercrombie & Kent

I thought that my adventure days were over when I settled down, got married and had kids. But what I didn’t realize was that they were really just beginning. Not only is parenting an everyday adventure, but traveling with you children, watching them discover the world and seeing it through the eyes of a child, is the best adventure yet. If you’re like me, you want to check off destinations on your bucket list, but you don’t want to do it alone — you want to bring the kids, too. Adventure travel companies have caught on to the trend and, now, there are more opportunities than ever to discover the world with the whole family. 

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On the Blog: What to Do With Teens on the Road

Are you traveling with teenagers this spring? I contributed my advice on what to do with teens on a road trip to the website Latina Madre.

Teen Road Trip Carissa Rogers
Teen Road Trip Carissa Rogers

Are you dreading a long drive with an angsty teen this spring break? Sometimes driving with older children can take the wind out of your sails, so to speak. Even though teens are nearly adults, they can sometimes be as difficult as toddlers when hitting the road and, because of that, many of the same rules apply for driving with teens as with young children. A few tips and tricks:

1. Plan ahead. Make sure to pack and charge laptops, chargers, Kindles, iPads and cameras. Also discuss your expectations for the trip with your teen. Tell them what the plan is and how you expect them to behave. Try to develop trust and camaraderie with your teen by involving them in the agenda for the trip.

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On the Blog: Summer Swimming Lessons Make Kids Smarter?

Swimming can make kids smarter. // (c) 2014 Reg McKenna
Swimming can make kids smarter. // (c) 2014 Reg McKenna

According to a recent study from the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia, children who learned to swim at an early age were ahead of their peers in developmental milestones, such as oral expression, literacy, math and more. Considering swimming’s mental and physical benefits, it’s no wonder parents are increasingly interested in enrolling their children in swimming lessons early.

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On the Blog: Eight Apps for Moms

Apps for moms
Apps for moms

Whether it’s trying to find a place to nurse your baby or balance your check book, apps made for moms make it hard for a lady to be without her phone. Need to keep track of savings for college — there’s an app for that. Trying to find a bathroom that you would actually let your kids use without dousing them in hand sanitizer? Yep, there’s one for that, too. Apps for moms can teach you how to do yoga, remind you to pick up some milk at the store and help you cook a healthy meal. It’s no wonder no one can put down their smartphone anymore.

So moms, listen up, here are eight apps you shouldn’t live without.

Mom Maps: Mom Maps can help find fun, family-friendly locations on the go. Need a restaurant on the road? Mom Maps has got your back. From playgrounds to museums to indoor play parks, you’ll find contact info, parent reviews and directions at the touch of your finger.

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On the Blog: How to Get a Passport for Your Kid

Passport stamps // (c) 2014 Ho Jon Lee
Passport stamps // (c) 2014 Ho Jon Lee

Ever wonder how hard it is to get a passport for your kid? Read my article on how to get one at LatinaMadre

Whether you are leaving town for spring break or planning a big summer vacation, everyone is thinking of escaping winter. And for many, that means leaving the country. No matter where you go, be it the Caribbean, Mexico or even Canada, these days both you and your children need a passport.

There are some differences between children’s passports and adult ones. A major difference is the length of time for which they are valid. Children’s passports are only valid for five years, while an adult’s is good for 10 years. So when making plans to travel outside the country, make sure everyone’s passport is valid. Children’s passports also cannot be renewed by mail. One advantage, though, is that they cost less than an adult passport.

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