When ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ Crosses Continents

In quite possibly the coolest “bring your kid to work day” my two daughters traveled to New Zealand to go on the set of their father’s latest show, “Shannara Chronicles.” 

Calling “action” on the set was definitely a highlight as well as meeting some of the cast. 

We’ve also been doing a lot of learning while here–like milking a cow (albeit a fake one at an ice cream shop).

We have a little more than two weeks to go before heading on to Australia’s Gold Coast! 

What to Do on a Rainy Day in Auckland

It wasn’t as pretty as usual in Auckland today, so we headed below the deck to the fabulous and interactive Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium. 

Identifying all the different fish was fun, but making them come to life was the highlight of the day. 

First, you color a sea creature. 

Then you scan them and they come to life in the digital aquarium. There are about four coloring stations, each with its own aquarium. 

Then your sea creature joins the rest of the fish in an aquarium of all of the digitized drawings. Kids catch on quickly and make sure to put their names on each creature so they can track their progress on the screen. 

This was truly an ingenious idea and fun for all ages. There were definitely a few grownup fish swimming around in there. 

On the Way Around the World

After spending the fall traveling around Europe, we’ve decided to continue the journey. Here we are in Auckland, New Zealand, on our first stop. 

Follow along here for the next three–or so–months of our adventures around the world.