On the Blog: What to Do With Teens on the Road

Teen Road Trip Carissa Rogers

Are you traveling with teenagers this spring? I contributed my advice on what to do with teens on a road trip to the website Latina Madre.

Teen Road Trip Carissa Rogers
Teen Road Trip Carissa Rogers

Are you dreading a long drive with an angsty teen this spring break? Sometimes driving with older children can take the wind out of your sails, so to speak. Even though teens are nearly adults, they can sometimes be as difficult as toddlers when hitting the road and, because of that, many of the same rules apply for driving with teens as with young children. A few tips and tricks:

1. Plan ahead. Make sure to pack and charge laptops, chargers, Kindles, iPads and cameras. Also discuss your expectations for the trip with your teen. Tell them what the plan is and how you expect them to behave. Try to develop trust and camaraderie with your teen by involving them in the agenda for the trip.

To read the whole story, click over to Latina Madre.

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