On the Blog: Eight Apps for Moms

Apps for moms

Apps for moms
Apps for moms

Whether it’s trying to find a place to nurse your baby or balance your check book, apps made for moms make it hard for a lady to be without her phone. Need to keep track of savings for college — there’s an app for that. Trying to find a bathroom that you would actually let your kids use without dousing them in hand sanitizer? Yep, there’s one for that, too. Apps for moms can teach you how to do yoga, remind you to pick up some milk at the store and help you cook a healthy meal. It’s no wonder no one can put down their smartphone anymore.

So moms, listen up, here are eight apps you shouldn’t live without.

Mom Maps: Mom Maps can help find fun, family-friendly locations on the go. Need a restaurant on the road? Mom Maps has got your back. From playgrounds to museums to indoor play parks, you’ll find contact info, parent reviews and directions at the touch of your finger.

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