On the Blog: How to Get a Passport for Your Kid

Passport stamps // (c) 2014 Ho Jon Lee

Passport stamps // (c) 2014 Ho Jon Lee
Passport stamps // (c) 2014 Ho Jon Lee

Ever wonder how hard it is to get a passport for your kid? Read my article on how to get one at LatinaMadre

Whether you are leaving town for spring break or planning a big summer vacation, everyone is thinking of escaping winter. And for many, that means leaving the country. No matter where you go, be it the Caribbean, Mexico or even Canada, these days both you and your children need a passport.

There are some differences between children’s passports and adult ones. A major difference is the length of time for which they are valid. Children’s passports are only valid for five years, while an adult’s is good for 10 years. So when making plans to travel outside the country, make sure everyone’s passport is valid. Children’s passports also cannot be renewed by mail. One advantage, though, is that they cost less than an adult passport.

Read the whole article at LatinaMadre.

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