Los Angeles // @latravelmom

On the Blog: All About Los Angeles

Los Angeles // @latravelmom
Los Angeles // @latravelmom

These hilarious links depict life in Los Angeles. After living here for most of my life, I think they are pretty accurate. Some may disagree but I love that so many find the humor (or is it the snark) in surviving this urban jungle.

Judgemental Map of Los Angeles
Judgemental Map of Los Angeles

Neighborhoods (as you will discover) are important in L.A. Learn where to live with this highly offensive map of Los Angeles from Judgmental Maps.


Family vacation savings at Paradise Island Harbour Resort
Endless Summer

No seasons, expensive juice and a parking jungle…communicating with Angelenos has its own rhyme and reason. Phrases you need to know in L.A. according to BuzzFeed are pretty spot on.

Nobody walks in L.A.
Nobody walks in L.A.

And nobody uses public transportation in L.A., but if you do, there’s some advice you should heed.

Los Angeles // @latravelmom
Los Angeles // @latravelmom

But when you leave, there are some awesome things about Los Angeles that you will miss.




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