Pets Get Their Own Hotel at the Grand Canyon

Traveling with pets is easy at the Grand Canyon // Creative Commons

Traveling with pets is easy at the Grand Canyon // Creative Commons
Traveling with pets is easy at the Grand Canyon // Perry McKenna Creative Commons

Furry friends rejoice, the Grand Canyon’s pet resort means that you can lap up luxury while your humans soak up the scenery.

Nearly everyone who boards the Grand Canyon Railroad (GCR) in Williams, located next to the south rim of the Grand Canyon, arrives by car and many travel with their family dog or cat in tow. While pet parents enjoy a trip into the canyon or an extended stay at the hotel, pets can stay at the GCR Pet Resort, which boasts an entire residential wing for pets: 28 spacious rooms for dogs and 16 condos for felines. Served by a caring and attentive staff, The GCR Pet Resort is a modern retreat for pet parents who want to experience the iconic Route 66 in the town of Williams, a historic train ride and take in the splendor of the Grand Canyon without leaving their four-legged family members at home or in a kennel far away.

The pet resort is located adjacent to the GCR Railway, Hotel and RV Park. Daily rates begin at $16 for cats and $23 for dogs, with the option of adding a second cat or dog to the same kennel for just $12 and $16 respectively. Extended stays of seven nights or more are available for a weekly rate of $98 for cats and $140 for dogs. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their pet’s favorite foods, beds and toys. All animals must have paperwork to provide proof of current shots.

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