Month: August 2013

  • A Fairytale in the Galapagos

    A Fairytale in the Galapagos

    From poison apple trees to an “Alice in Wonderland” mangrove forest, everywhere you turn is like stepping into a storybook. These islands make it into the pages of legendary books such as “Robinson Crusoe” but you would never guess that you would turn the corner to see a Galapagos Hawk eyeing you from the treetops…

  • Adventure in the Galapagos: Day 2

    Adventure in the Galapagos: Day 2

    Words don’t do this place justice, least of all my words. So here’s another gallery of fascinating birds, mammals and aquatic creatures.

  • Day One in the Galapagos

    Day One in the Galapagos

    Despite being a little bit jetlagged, day one in the Galapagos Islands with Lindblad Expeditions has been awesome. It’s not so bad goin’ solo and it’s fun making some new, colorful friends. To do a Galapagos Islands Cruise identical to mine onboard the super cool National Geographic Endeavour… Related articles Getting Ready for the…

  • Getting Ready for the Galapagos

    Getting Ready for the Galapagos

    I’m crossing one more destination off of my bucket list tomorrow — Ecuador‘s Galapagos Islands. It’s going to be tough to beat my last adventure in Veracruz, Mexico, where I made so many great friends, conquered my fear of bugs, heights, the jungle and the dark and defied death on a class-IV rapid, repelled down…

  • Making Black Bean Tamales

    Making Black Bean Tamales

    One of my favorite activities on my recent trip to Veracruz, Mexico, was learning to make and wrap black bean tamales. Our experience, orchestrated by tour operator Yambigapan, started at a local farm where we picked the banana leaves that would wrap our tamales for cooking. After a light hike nearby, we headed to Yambigapan’s…