A New Obsession — The Titilaka Lodge

It’s not mentioned in the article, but if you would like to read about the gorgeous boutique lodge that sparked my pom pom obsession, you can read my article in TravelAge West about the Titlaka Lodge on Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Exploring the Peruvian highlands, would not be complete without a visit to Lake Titicaca, and one of the best places to stay while there is at the Titilaka Lodge. Located on a private peninsula on the shores of the lake, the property features 18 unique rooms.

Titilaka’s contemporary design is distinctly Peruvian and offers the comforts of home while maintaining an eco-friendly atmosphere. Included in the services at the lodge are excursions, gourmet meals featuring Peruvian-fusion cuisine, a nightly happy hour and, soon, spa services. Read more…

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