The Weltenburg Abbey: A Favorite Excursion

Toes in the Danube at the Weltentburg Abbey
Toes in the Danube // (c) 2011 Janeen Christoff

The Weltenburg Abbey, an optional excursion on my recent Viking River Cruise, was one of my favorite stops during the cruise — and not just because of the beer (The Weltenburg Abbey is home to one of the oldest breweries in the world). Located along the Danube Gorge, the abbey was founded in approximately 620 A.D. and is believed to be the oldest in Bavaria. The highlight is the Baroque-style abbey church as well as the courtyard beer garden. But there is also a pebble beach along the Danube where many local Germans and visitors go for a swim. I couldn’t help but put my feet in during our visit and found the water cool and refreshing. Had I known, I would definitely have brought my swimsuit!

Tasting beer at the Weltenburg Abbey
Tasting beer at the Weltenburg Abbey // (c) 2011

At the end of the visit, a ferry takes visitors through the beautiful gorge on a narrated boat ride to Kelheim. After the ride through the gorge, we made an unscheduled stop at the nearby Hall of Liberation, which is also worthy of a visit and, if time allows, the Kelheim district makes a nice stroll. Not far from the town, our boat picked us up and we continued up the Danube.

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