Month: June 2011

  • >Whale watching in Juneau

    >Ava and I had so much fun whale watching in Alaska. We saw so many whales. One of the highlights was when we spotted two whale tales at the same time — mother and baby — awesome! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

  • >Home Sweet Home

    >We have finally returned home after more than two weeks in Alaska and British Columbia. I think we all really miss being away since we are already looking for new things to do at home and no one wants to settle back into the old routine! Favorite explorations include bear sightings. Princess viewing. Lots of […]

  • >Rainbows in the Okanagen

    >Today, we had a gorgeous lunch at Victoria Road in Sunmerland and then we had a beautiful dinner in Penticton. On the way home, we saw the prettiest rainbow to top off another great day in the Okanagen Valley! – Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

  • >Wine Tasting for Families

    > Wine tasting for families–really? Today, we visited the Poplar Grove Winery where Gita makes fabulous cheese by hand. Coming here to taste the cheese is a great activity for adults and for children. We loved meeting Gita’s almost 2 year old son and meeting their baby chicks. This may not be the way everyone […]

  • >Fun in Gastown

    >Ava and spent a fun day in Vancouver living like locals in Gastown and Downtown. We ate at The Old Spaghetti Factory–a family favorite in Gastown. Then, we went to the Scotiabank Cinemas to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Ava missed some of the movie to take a nap, and I was surprised at how […]