>What Happens in Vegas

>Lessons learned on Vegas trip number two – it’s not always the kids you have to watch out for, and sometimes two-year-olds can be embarassing.

While watching out for my two daughters, I managed to misplace my phone, forget my camera in the hotel room and lose my favorite sweater. Not to mention the fact that I was running around with baby spit up on my dress. I’m thinking no one noticed, either that or my friends are really mean. I guess I’m the one who needed looking out for on this trip.

And in the vast wisdom of the universe, I did finally learn my lesson that everything you say your young children will repeat. While we were innocently trying to teach our daughter, Ava, that every fart isn’t a poop (We were a little sick of changing “poopy” diapers), we now know she got the message, a fact we learned when she proudly announced to an entire wedding party – at the top of her lungs just before they marched down the aisle – that she farted…and farted and farted. “Me fart, me fart….ME FART!” is still ringing in my ears – and probably everyone elses. Thank god our friends love us!!
Next up: A weekend of rest!!


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